Work in progress, started in 2019-
Installation, mixed media, collage, acrylic on cardboard tubes, textile, dimensions variable.
In each tube are sealed samples of something different, which when dropped or moved give a sound.    The project was partly shown as part of a solo exhibition ‘A COUPLE OF EXTRA STEPS THAT WAY’ in 2019 at the Artsvit Gallery in Dnipro, Ukraine

Structures that overlap with each other are organized into a single space and demonstrate the phenomenon of people’s lives on the planet, as well as the originals of a collective stay left behind. Phrases which work as a beacon for subconsciousness and are embodied in the constructed slogans of being are cut in a design of tubes. The tubes themselves resemble the fragility of urban existence. The space in which they are located becomes the stage and reflects the influence of the environment on our daily perception of life. Laws, rules, morality and vulgarity that have become part of the chaos and are intermingled with the once dominant digital and political space. The energy of the contradiction of the beauty of the apocalypse arises from the comparison and contrast between three-dimensional forms and colored «formulation». The frozen symbols turned into traces, intertwining of various stories, these stories crave archeological excavations, phrases on the tubes give hope for a close interpretation of the meaning of an object, a badge, a leak of paint. Tubes turn tubes into crystals, creating a homogeneous mass of images, stripes, facets and the threat of unpredictable «gentle» explosion.


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