Work in progress
paper, watercolor, colored pencils, dimensions variable

About still not finished project…

There is a small room in the space Noch where I have recently been screening videos of artists’ and their short films. The window in this room is closed from the sun with a huge sheet of gray paper. After a few months of screenings I removed this paper off. Due to the direct rays of light that hit the paper it acquired a burned-out, light shade that filled the main canvas leaving only a few original fragments along the edges.
In this work I turn to light that can pass through a matter or a building in order to give the impression that matter is unstable and its resistance is weak.I’m working on a series of paperworks. Labyrinth-like, mounting woven from structural splits. In many of them transparent covers are used that give the features of the ephemeral constructions playing with light and colour. Other sheets of paper extend along the floor, formingе flat layers of paint, texture, and substances. My works and objects often contain an element of fragility, instability, something that disturbs their balance or even threatens their presence. 

I want to make the sensuous features of these objects cause a response from the audience. I explore the relationship between material, meaning, scenery and the ability to influence the experience of the viewer through them.


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