Photo Noch

NOCH, 2018-

artist run space, residency

Noch is an initiative of artist Alexandra Kadzevich and writer and psychotherapist Garry Krayevets, that focuses on short-term artist studies and explorations. The topics of these studies covers under-investigated phenomena, philosophical schools, and the unforeseen moments, patterns and outcomes that have yet to be. The result of each study is a one-day exhibition, in their venue that has a view of the port of Odesa.

Noch emerged from the studio of Kadzevich in June 2018, out of an idea to create a space for 24 hour exhibitions; a situation which could be shared with others with no intervention from anyone but the artist. We are focused on intertwining the international and local art-scenes, and expanding the Odesa artistic field through meetings, artist-talks, and group discussions.

We also support artists through our residency program that focuses on both global and local social issues. The title of our space — Noch — is a latin transliteration for the word “night” in Russian, which can also be read as “more” in German.

We’ve held over thirty exhibitions by both Ukranian and foreign artists in the almost 3 year span of our existence. In this time, Noch has grown to become an important and influential cultural spot for the city of Odesa.

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