photo series, 2021 printed on paper, 10 elements, variable dimensions


As part of the ‘Verkhnye Synʹovydne. View from the tunnel’ Residency
Exhibition at Detenpyla gallery
curated by Pavlo Kovach

The series includes images capturing the details of the composition formed on our table in the Verkhnye Synʹovydne gazebo. And also a cutting from a Hungarian magazine, tailoring and sewing, (boys and girls holding hands)
I think through this process of «getting to know» the collision, associated with our living together in residency, it was possible, in a real way, to see and get to know each other.
The work is about initiating and team building, getting to know colleagues, and the importance of a shared kitchen!

‘The life of the participants fully serves to defuse tensions and radically recuperate.
Causes of the native environment are considered — questions reflecting movements on an individual basis.
If the plane is set not by traces, but any figure, the distance between the hatching lines is quite difficult to maintain.
Even a slight deviation from uniformity spoils the overall impression. This was a time of intense peaceful creation.
A reliable basis for further progress has been created’.

‘Жизнь участников в полном объеме служит разрядке напряженности и радикальному оздоровлению.
Причинами родной обстановки считаются — вопросы отражающие перемещения по индивидуальному признаку.
Если плоскость задана не следами, а какой-либо фигурой, расстояние между линиями штриховки сохранить довольно трудно.
Даже небольшое отступление от равномерности портит общее впечатление. Это было время напряженного мирного созидания.
Создан надежный задел для дальнейшего продвижения’.

[Author’s text]

Review by Kseniia Malykh: Verkhnye Synʹovydne. View from the tunnel. Residence. Exhibition,
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