Exhibition view

EMPTY THREATS, Solo Exhibition

Painting, mixed media, video
Artery gallery, Odesa, Ukraine
April 2016

The threat as a space served as the point of departure for Alexandra  when she prepared this project and is the central idea of the exhibition as a whole.

As I delve deeper into the concept of identity, I notice that in my mind, it blurs,» says Alexandra. — It is very difficult to directly carry out one activity or another in reality. Because without being aware of his own identity, a person turns into such a matter that is not under control of itself, it is rocked in different directions and the person, in the merger with society, it changes. And this transformation is poured out into a substance unable to coexist with the nature of its true nature. But what else is this adaptation but a useful function for others? Its comprehension, the awareness of its true needs, fills my life with materials for creativity.

[Extract from a press release]




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