Installation view


Installation, paper, cardboard, acrylic,
pastel, wood, sound, found objects
for ‘Trespassers will be Detected’ SWAP UK/Ukraine Residency exhibiting at Dnipro Centre for Contemporary Culture (DCCC).
curated by Anastasia Khlestova & Ilya Zabolotnyi

The artist spent a month in Stromness, Maine Island, on the Orkney Islands archipelago.
The project is an attempt to imagine how locals see this world in their slowness, meditation and non-participation. The artist creates and copies from paper various items, gloves, random objects from the streets or exhibits from museums, such as the keys to the prison in Kirkwall, the largest city on the island. According to the legend, they were found in the sea. Alexandra visualizes the invisible threads that connect the man and the nature, implying that various processes, emotions and feelings experienced by a man have their own shell, which forms his perception of the world.
Alexandra has spent the residency at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop and Pier Arts Centre in Scotland.
Artbook SWAP DIARY for British Council Ukraine, web version, pp 22-29  by VONO


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